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by ClownKiller at 10:16 PM
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Hey guys as some of you might have seen over the past few days i have been having problems with the server again it crashed today with the same error i had befor im not sure what the problem is but im hoping my server guys can help me work out whats going on :(

Again im So Sorry for all the problems and i hope to have the server running soon :)
****EDIT*** Server fixed and up and running again :)
by ClownKiller at 4:15 PM
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Hey guys as i sad in the other post there will be a server wipe and as the patch is coming out tonight/tomorrow i want to be nice and ready for it. So ill be wiping the server and putting up an hole new map and new add on's
that will balance the game out more. all plugins are Subject to change at any time as we test out the way the server runs. Please fell free to post a Comment on here or Start a new Forums post about it and we cant talk more. Thank you for your time ClownKiller
by ClownKiller at 5:05 PM
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Hey all how ya all doing ?? Well as of the next update ill be doing some big changes to the server. Yes that's right there will be a Server Wipe this is so we can start fresh and on even playing ground i might even do a player Wipe as well. The gather system will be lowed to like 20x and Quick Smelt will be lowed as well. New Airdrops to come in with better Loot in them. A new Karma System will be added for knowing who is Hero type player on a Bandit. in game Map for know here you are to be added. and more

All this is to be done to Balance out the server and make it more fun. Please fell free to post in the comments
Thank you for your time
by ClownKiller at 4:55 PM
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So i have been asked by a few players on the server how can they become and Admin for the server ?
Well i guest this is the best place to Apply for Admin. All you have to do is post in the Comments to the news post and ill look over all that apply and pick who i think will be best for the server. Remember this is just an App and i have the Final say on who gets admin. This can take time to pick the right person but i need to be one hundred percent sure they are the wright person for the job.

Admin App Template (Copy and Paste this in the Comments)
Real name :
Your Age :
In Game name :
Link to your Steam Profile :
Reason for becoming an admin? :
Have you admin be for (if so where) :
How long you been playing on the server for :

*All areas MUST be filled in or you will not be picked*
by ClownKiller at 8:29 PM
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Hey guys im happy to say the server is doing well for its 1st few weeks its been up. I happy with the out come of players and the over all performances of the server its self is good. Some info on whats to come with donations and what you can get for it there will be a tire system for all donations. So it will be different kits for each donate you will get from silver,bronze,gold and so on. Server = $5 Bronze = $20 Gold = $50 etc.
there will also be a Base upgrade for a cost bast on size of you base so if its like 5x5 you will need to donate $5 the bigger the base the more u will have to donate. So 5x5 = $5 for full Armor base etc.

Anyways that's all for now ill update the site to let ya know i have it all worked out :)
by ClownKiller at 7:53 AM
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Hi and Welcome to EGN (Essential Gaming Network) My name is ClownKiller the Owner of EGN and Rust Realm Server for Rust. EGN will be the home website for Rust Realm server for all information, Donate, Bug Reports and more. I would like to think of us as a friendly outgoing community thats happy to help out where we can.

Server name : Rust Realm [AU]|35xGather|Qsmelt|Kits|Clans|TP
Server Host : Australia
Server Plugins : Clans System, TPA/TPR, Kits, Quick Smelt, Air Drops, PM, And more
Server Restarts : 2AM (AEST) Daily

If you would like to help Support the Server in keeping it alive please fell free to Donate this will help us keep going and be one of the best server in Australia. There will be Some Donate/VIP packs made up later for people that have donated to us as a thank you. (still working on the Pack)

Thank you for joining the Site and my Server I hope you enjoyed your stay.