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    Hi and Welcome to EGN (Essential Gaming Network) My name is ClownKiller the Owner of EGN and Rust Realm Server for Rust. EGN will be the home website for Rust Realm server for all information, Donate, Bug Reports and more. I would like to think of us as a friendly outgoing community thats happy to help out where we can.

    Server name : Rust Realm [AU]|35xGather|Qsmelt|Kits|Clans|TP
    Server Host : Australia
    Server Plugins : Clans System, TPA/TPR, Kits, Quick Smelt, Air Drops, PM, And more
    Server Restarts : 2AM (AEST) Daily

    If you would like to help Support the Server in keeping it alive please fell free to Donate this will help us keep going and be one of the best server in Australia. There will be Some Donate/VIP packs made up later for people that have donated to us as a thank you. (still working on the Pack)

    Thank you for joining the Site and my Server I hope you enjoyed your stay.
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